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Wonder Gel

Regular price R 299.00

When we say, "All-Purpose", we mean it!

This hard-working, biodegradable household cleaning gel is gentle in the environment and is ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

Effectively cleans:

- Crockery, cutlery and glasses
- Floors, windows, counters and stoves
- Bathrooms, basins and toilets

This All-Purpose Cleaning Gel is all-purpose, making it great for cleaning the whole house, garage and office.

This cleaning gel negates the use of any other household cleaner, streamlining purchasing and actual cleaning routine.

The formulation is designed to make quick work of cutting through dirt, grease, and residue build-up, leaving nothing behind but a pleasant and relaxing smell.

Did you know?

Orange oil is an effective stain remover, de-greaser and a natural antiseptic and deodoriser.

- Not Tested On Animals, Pet Friendly, Child Friendly

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