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Aloe Whole-Leaf Juice Mint

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Whole-Leaf Juice Mint helps maintain general well-being and optimal vigour. The combined action of the more than 130 medicinal agents in aloe is responsible for its powerful effect. The positive effect differs from individual to individual. To preserve as much of the medicinal agents in the aloe, all the watery juice, fibre and green skin are retained in the manufacturing process. The whole bitter-free leaf is minced, blended and jellified.


  • Aloe contains at least 130 medicinal agents, which support various bodily functions: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, calming, antiseptic, bactericidal, veridical, kills parasites, anti-tumour, anti-cancer, detoxifying, stimulates cell renewal, promotes wound healing.
  • Advantageous for the functioning of the immune system
  • Digestion friendly
  • Beneficial for blood sugar levels
  • Rich in fibre – helps with appetite control


  • Take 25-75 ml of Whole-Leaf Juice Mint before meals or as needed
  • Begin with a small amount, ±25 ml and increase the dose according to your requirements
  • Aloe juice is a safe, herbal drink, and there is no restriction on the daily intake
  • Keep a careful watch on your condition if you are taking medication, as you may have to adjust the supervision of your physician, especially in cases of high blood pressure and high blood sugar


Minerals (mg/kg): Calcium 294, Boron 1, Chromium 4, Iron 18, Manganese 1, Sodium 167, Nickel 1, Strontium 2, Vanadium 1, Zinc 2, Potassium 2101. Protein 0.14g/100g: (17 amino acids). Carbohydrate 0.8g/100g. Fat 0.02g/100g. Energy 16kJ/100g

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