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Aloe Vanishing Cream Special

Regular price R 59.00

Vanishing Cream is ideally suited for oily skin and has no perfume, making it suitable for sensitive and allergic skin. It also delays the ageing process.


  • Absorbs oiliness
  • Narrows skin pores
  • It gives the skin a matt appearance
  • Advantageous to delay signs of ageing
  • Beneficial for cell rejuvenation and suppleness


  • Cleanse face
  • Gently dry
  • Follow up with Balancing Toner
  • Apply a thin layer of Bitter Aloe Gel
  • Apply Vanishing Cream using ring finger and smooth over entire moist skin


Careful skin treatment causes the oil glands, which secretes sebum/oil, to function better and improve the condition of the skin.

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