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Tretchikoff 'Dying Swan' Yoga Mat Sale

Sale price R 900.00 Regular price R 1,200.00

As sumptuous as his painting, Tretchikoff's Dying Swan has been brought to life for every movement-enthusiast to enjoy. Share Vladimir Tretchikoff's fascination with movement and colour when you carry this luxurious towel-infused Yoga Mat. Whether you're a Yoga Lover, Lover of Dance or enjoy a session or two of Pilates, you will relish in this Super Luxurious Yoga Mat.

- 100% Biodegradable
- 100% Recyclable
- Non Toxic
- Ultra-Hygienic
- Moisture Absorbent
- Allergen-free
- Latex-free
- Superior grip in all conditions
- Luxurious

Size: 172cm x 61cm x 30mm

Weight: 5kg