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Tongue Scraper Stainless Steel

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Tongue Scraper Stainless Steel


About Tongue Scraper Stainless Steel


Although it may not be top-of-mind, taking care of your tongue is essential for overall oral health. Some of the benefits of tongue scraping are:

- Improved taste. When you scrape off the surface of your tongue, it’s almost as if you’re starting with an entirely fresh palette. See if you notice more robust flavour profiles the next time you whip up something sweet or spicy!

- Fresher breath. So many odour-causing bacteria live on your tongue. It’s not just your teeth and gums. You need to pay attention to avoid bad breath — your tongue is a big part of it!

- Improved overall health. Taking good care of your oral hygiene is essential to your overall well-being.

- Scraping your tongue can remove harmful bacteria that inflame your gums and prevent cavities. When these best practices for proper oral hygiene are ignored, they can lead to other issues like heart disease, cancer, etc.


What's In The Box

1 x Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper!
1 x Fabric Bag!


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