Superior Immune Booster Combo

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1 x Prime 1 – Immune Booster

1 x Prime 3 – Premium Anti-Oxidant – Contains 1000mg of Vitamin C per dose

1 x Prime Moringa – Fights Inflammation and contains a rich source of iron, Vitamin K, & E, A and calcium, High in Anti-Oxidants

1 x 100% Cotton Mask


Superior Immune Booster Combo Includes

Prime 1    Superior Immune Booster, Protects your body against Stress, Increases T-cells

Prime 3   Anti-Oxidant – Protect your body against FREE-Radicals (germs) – with Multiple Phyto Nutrients and contains 1000mg Vitamin C per daily Dosage

Prime Moringa         Fights Inflammation

                                        –25% Plant Protein including all 9 essential amino Acids

-24% Fibre -A rich source of iron, Vitamin K & E – A source of Vitamin A and Calcium

-High in anti-oxidants