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Sport and Muscle

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Specifically formulated

Especially for the Aroma and Massage Therapist special formulation purpose-orientated Essential oils was chosen for this range.

Beneficial for muscle cramps, aches, pains and spasms. Apply oil to localized areas and massage lightly for about 5-10min to reduce muscle tension.

Grape seed oil: Cold pressed oil that has no chemical residue that can harm the skin. Grape Seed Oil is asorbed into the skin and leaves no oily residue, High in Vitamin E which feeds the skin.
Arnica: Has been known to have anti-inflamitory and anti-bacterial properties that helps reducing swelling and bruising
Peppermint: Assist with reducing skin redness where inflammation is present
Eucalyptus: Nature’s first aid treatment for cuts, bruises, blisters and the treatment of sinusitus.
Tea Tree: Helps the body’s ability to fight off infections while it also revive the mind and body after shock