Rose Quartz Roller

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The Rose Quartz Face Massage Roller is a non-invasive, holistic alternative to micro-needling.


- Reduces puffiness
- Reduces redness
- Improves skin elasticity and tone
- Decongests lymph nodes and facilitates lymph drainage
- Helps to eliminate toxins
- Boosts circulation to the surface of the skin
- Improves product absorption
- Tightens pores and firms the skin
- Relaxes facial muscles thus reducing the formation of fine lines
- Defines the natural contours of the face

Rose Quartz Properties

Egyptian Mythology says that the Goddess Isis used Rose Quartz crystal to maintain her radiant beauty. Queen Cleopatra and the ancient Egyptians adopted the use of Rose Quartz in facial massage by gathering tumbled stones from the Nile River.
Rose Quartz is high in Silicon Dioxide and traces of Titanium, Iron and Manganese.

- Resonating Chakra: Heart Chakra
- Promotes an unconditional love for self and others
- Promotes emotion healing
- Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
- Strengthens sensitivity and empathy
- Feminine and nurturing energy

Please note:

Each roller is individually carved by hand from natural stone thus may differ slightly in size from that pictured. Due to natural variations in the stone, your Rose Quartz Roller will be completely unique in color and pattern. We select your Rose Quartz roller especially for you by using a pendulum.

To start, cleanse your face with a receptive canvas.
Begin rolling on the right side of the face and move on to the left.
Always roll in an upward and outward motion.
Roll from the center of the face towards the hairline, always in one direction.
On the neck, roll from the jawline down towards the collarbone.

Traditional Ritual

Use the stone on its own or apply a serum, moisturiser or oil to the face.
Use your roller instead of your fingertips to gently massage the product into the skin.
This method is especially helpful to increase product absorption, improve circulation and relax areas of tension.

Hot Cloth Ritual

Apply a hot, damp cloth to a clean face.
Lie back and roll your roller over the cloth.
This method is best for relief from congestion and to empower the release of impurities. The rolling action coupled with the warmth will also increase circulation and reduce puffiness by improving the flow of lymph.

Ice Ritual

Store your roller in the fridge or dip in a bowl of ice water before rolling each area of the face.
The cool sensation coupled with the massaging action is ideal to tighten and lift the skin. This method also tightens pores, boosts circulation to the surface of the skin and reduces puffiness.

Mask Ritual

Apply a face mask to a clean face.
Once your mask starts to dry, spray a toner or mist over the mask to make it sticky again.
Then use your roller to spread and massage over the moistened mask.
This method is ideal to improve absorption, purge toxins and boost the treatment action of your mask.