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Reusable Tea/ Herbal Bags (Unbleached)

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Reusable Tea/ Herbal Bags (Unbleached)

Reusable Tea/ Herbal Bags (Unbleached)


Our tea bags are perfect for loose tea, spice, plants, coffee or herbal powder. 100% natural, unbleached, designed as purely as possible so that the taste of tea is not affected by the bags. Paper-thin enough to let the tea seep through quickly, it steeps a flavorful and enjoyable brew!

Natural and safe filter paper, unbleached, non-toxic

Easy to fill, there is a drawstring to prevent any loose leaf from escaping; no fuss, no mess. Enjoy loose tea anywhere and anytime; make loose tea fast and easy with no cleanup.

High Quality: The filter paper features intense penetration and high-temperature resistance, letting the tea seep through easily and quickly to get more strong tea. At the same time, it can be put in boiled water without damage or releasing harmful materials.

Uses: Apart from tea, it can also be used for coffee, herbs, scented tea, foot bath, soup, bamboo charcoal bag etc. Just relax and enjoy your leisure time. Meanwhile, it is regarded as a perfect gift idea for those who love tea or coffee.


Reusable Tea/ Herbal Bags (Unbleached)


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