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Oxyburst - Pure Natural 95% Oxygen

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Oxyburst Oxygen is 95% Purified oxygen with the remaining 5% being ambient air. The Oxygen comes in lightweight, easy to use canister containers either 2L or 6L of Pure Natural 95% Oxygen. One can choose from our four amazing flavors: Apple, Watermelon, and Peach.

OXYBURST, inhalation aerosol oxygen assists in the upkeep of healthy oxygen levels in your body and boost energy. Other benefits for overall Wellness , Fitness, Lifestyle:

Assist in sports performance, sport recovery time, 

  • Improve focus after or before sport or activity events, work or school
  • Assist with feeling of fatigue due to lack of sleep or prolonged sickness or flue -like symptoms.
  • Improve collagen stimulation for skin, bone and joints,
  • Assist recovery when having Jet lag due to long hours of travel . 
  • No more " hang over " feeling due to over-indulgence through social activity and consumption. 

The Oxygen supplement product is relevant not only for the existing need in market, but has an overall prolonged shelf life for health and wellness. Product can be used for people that may suffer "after-effects" of fatigue, tiredness due to flu-like or mild Covid recovery related symptoms. 


Oxyburst consists of 95% Pure Oxygen, 5% being ambient air. 

The product is safe and healthy to use for adults and children . It Does Not contain any caffeine, sugar or carbohydrates . 


The Oxygen comes in a light weight, well sealed, easy to use inhalation aerosol cannister of 2L (120ml size)  and 6 L ( 400ml size) . Available in amazing fresh flavors : Watermelon, Apple, Peach . 

Sizes - Inhalation time 

 2L (120 ml can) gives (50) 1x one second inhalations

6L ( 400ml can) (150) 1 one second inhalations

Additional item 

Mouthpiece actuators re-usable, detachable inhalation pieces in case customers prefer to use it that way. The mouth-piece can be attached to both the 2L and 6L and be used for all future purchases of Oxyburst.