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Nursing/Breast Pads & Clutch

Regular price R 180.00

Nursing/Breast pads for Moms
These come in a pack of 6, i.e. 3 pairs
Front: bamboo/organic cotton mix
Back: hemp/cotton mix
Usage: For Nursing Moms
Size: Approx.. 9 cm
Colors: Natural

Special Feature: 
It’s handmade, Crocheted, Antibacterial on both sides, Super Soft for skin and Sensitive Skin, Good for Sore Nipples, Washable, Reusable, Very Absorbent, and Completely Natural and Biodegradable.
NO synthetic fibers in them. 
Price - R 180 
Clutch for Nursing Pads
Material: Organic Cotton
Usage: For Storage of the Nursing Pads
Size: 22 x 12 cm
Colors: Blue-Grey or Natural

Price - R 250 including 3 pairs of Nursing Pads

ALL our Products are not only Biodegradable, they are actually Compostable.