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Microfiber Non Slip Yoga Towel

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Our Non-Slip Microfiber Yoga Towel for Yoga, Exercise, Fitness and Pilates is thicker and plusher for better absorbency and slip-resistance.

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Soft and super absorbent, this yoga mat towel will wick away moisture as you sweat, ensuring you don't slip in sweaty, hot yoga practice. Wave goodbye to sliding hands and feet in a downward-facing dog! With a smooth towel finish on one side and non-toxic silicone dots on the other, you can use dots facing down to keep the towel firmly in place on your yoga mat or floor or with dots facing up for extra grip for your hands and feet.

The Towel

Microfibre with rubber nubs
80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
Size: 61x183cm
Weight: approx 330gsm

Towel Colours

- Blue with Orange stitching
- Pink with Purple stitching
- Yellow with Grey stitching
- Light Blue with Light Blue stitching
- Purple with Pink stitching
- Coffee with Brown stitching
- Grey with Black stitching
- Turquoise with Purple stitching

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