Manuka Honey

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Nature is our business. After all, nature is the source of our energy as well as other raw materials, so it is essential that it is conserved and enhanced.

Responsible Harvesting

Our bees are our assets. Instead of following the standard commercial practice of removing all honey and most pollen, we leave the bees with a proportion of the honey they have collected for over the winter months. This honey contains the critical natural and also diverse sources of carbohydrate and protein needed for them to remain healthy.


The super taste of our honey comes from the fact that we treat our honey with care. Our honey is authentic, undamaged and raw. Tahi Honey is the way nature intended.

The UMF® trademark is your guarantee that our honey is manuka, honey. It contains all of the natural and unique properties of manuka honey. Our bees collect this honey from wild habitats around Northland. High levels of natural pollens remain in Tahi Honey.


Processing practices at Tahi ensure that our honey is not exposed to high heat, which in fact destroys the natural properties. Unlike many kinds of honey on the market, it is not pasteurized, and it also contains no added water. Our honey is never treated to temperatures over 45 degrees Celcius.


Aggressive filtration does not damage Tahi's honey. It contains high levels of natural pollens. Common commercial practices mean that much of the honey available on the market is highly filtered to remove all pollen and microscopic particles, therefore damaging its natural composition

Quality Certification

Tahi is a license holder of the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA), license number 2035.

The UMF® trademark is a quality trademark that is internationally verified and also recognized. UMF® is supported by an industry quality standard, independent audits and by an evaluation from accredited laboratories. This trademark is your guarantee that you are buying genuine Manuka honey.

UMF® shows the relative effectiveness of Manuka Honey for inhibiting bacterial growth in direct comparison with the pure phenol. The higher the UMF® number, the more significant the topical antibacterial effects.

The UMF® trademark is internationally verified. Therefore, it guarantees authentic, unadulterated Manuka Honey. An independent laboratory determines the number. UMF® Honey must contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone), Leptospira, and Methylglyoxal.