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Wine Decanter Aerator Special

Sale price R 320.00 Regular price R 400.00

Aerating wine is a way to quickly soften tannins, reduce sulfites and release the wine’s full bouquet. Your wine is formed from a mix of both flavorful and undesirable compounds, and with aeration, you’re eliminating the unwanted ones while keeping the aromatic compounds to enjoy.

Benefits Of Wine Aeration

1. It just makes your wine taste so much better. The oxidation that occurs as the wine passes through the aerator helps soften flavors and releases aromas in the wine, thereby bringing it to its full potential.

2. It’s a much faster and efficient way of letting your wines breathe. Instead of pouring your bottle into a decanter and letting it sit, you can enjoy wine from an aerator immediately. The best part is that it will often have the same positive impact on the flavor of wine as letting it breathe for 30 minutes in a decanter.

3. It’s the ultimate wedding gift or gift for a wine lover. Who wouldn’t love a wine aerator?

4. You’ll end up making the most of every single drop. Instead of pouring out the entire bottle into a decanter and potentially having to later throw away the wine that you can’t finish (which I admit this is a rare occurrence), a wine aerator allows you to aerate your wine by the glass. Simply pop the cork back onto the bottle after you’ve had enough, and you can save the rest for tomorrow.

5. You’ll more than earn your money back after two bottles. Using a wine aerator can make a wine taste twice as expensive. You’ll get twice the flavor for exactly the same price. Be warned though, that it may be difficult to go back to un-aerated wine after.