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Hair Protein Cream Mask

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A thick, creamy textured mask used to treat and soften the hair.

What You Need To Know

A deep, nourishing and hydrating treatment, enriched with therapeutic qualities of carefully selected essential oils, anti-oxidant rich grape ingredients and natural plant based actives which sooths irritable scalp, and strengthens and protects the hair whilst restoring vitality and manageability.

Directions For Use

Apply 20ml to hair. Best applied over the Hair Conditioning Oil as a full hair treatment. Can be left in for a number of hours. You can lie in a steam room or sauna to intensify the treatment. To remove, first apply Sauvignon Blanc Shampoo, work it into the hair and then begin to slowly add water creating lather, rinse and repeat.

Important Ingredients

Panthenol, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E, Hydrolysed Wheat Protein, Jojoba Seed Oil, Cape Chamomile, Geranium.