Emu Oil

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Emu oil has been used for hundreds of years by Australian Aborigines, who discovered it's benefits to gain relief from minor aches and pains, help heal wounds faster, and protect their skin from harsh elements of sun and wind.

Because it is a natural product, free of hormones, antibiotics and other contaminants, with no known side effects, pure refined Emu oil can be used both internally and externally for the benefits of our health and well being.

Emu oil is categorised as a natural health supplement and nothing stated herein should be construed as medical advice.

Benefits Of Natural Emu Oil

- Safe and natural, free of antibiotics, hormones, steroids and chemicals
- Rich in anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids (Omega 3,6,7 and 9) and minerals
- Good source of vitamin A and E
- Reduces inflammation and mildly analgesic
- Naturally non-toxic, it does not clog pores, is non-irritating and gentle on all skin types
- Does not contain phospholipids, so emu oil is easily and quickly absorbed and penetrates deeply, moisturising and softening the skin and reducing fine lines
- Accelerates the healing process
- May be used as a trans-dermal carrier for any other therapeutic agents
- Does not interfere with normal skin function
- Suitable for all ages and skin types
- Hypo-allergenic: so far no allergic reactions to emu oil have been noted
- Valuable source of lecithin, which helps the liver's detoxification process

External Uses Of Emu Oil

- Reduces pain of arthritis, particularly in joints of hands, knees and ankles because of anti inflammatory action
- Relieves pain from burns, including sunburn, radiation burns, razor burns and stove burns and accelerates healing
- Relieves many skin conditions (Acne and nappy rash, dry eczema and psoriasis, dry and cracked skin)
- Stimulates skin cell regeneration and combats the aging process.
- Helps with chapped lips and bed sores
- Cuts, scratches, insect bites and itching
- Relieves recent bruising, muscle pain and sports injuries, when massaged into muscles
- Relieves discomfort of shingles
- Appears to reduce scar tissue formation. The anti-inflammatory action seems to soothe wounds after surgery
- Stimulates the skin's immune system

Internal Uses Of Emu Oil

- Reducing inflammation.
- Lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.
- Lowering blood sugar and pressure (not to be taken if on blood thinning medication).
- Reducing the effects of Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis.
- Promoting healthy skin.
- Strengthening the immune system.

Emu Oil Benefits For Animals

Taken orally

Emu oil’s anti-inflammatory properties enhances healing and reduces muscle and joint pain in animals. Develops a shiny, healthy coat.

Use topically

Relieves discomfort & accelerates the healing process of hot spots, flea damaged skin, damaged hair follicles, cuts and abrasions, and surgery scars. Prevents proud flesh forming on horses through saddle sores and rope burns.