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Cotton Dish Cloth Sale

Sale price R 69.99 Regular price R 89.99

This dish cloth is knitted from 100% virgin cotton, which has not been bleached or dyed, making it a very good, eco-friendly alternative to any micro-fibre dish cloth or other cloth in the kitchen. Cotton is long lasting and durable but soft, so that it feels very comfortable in the hands while using it. It is 100% biodegradable so that once its lifespan is over, it can be thrown into the compost.

This beautiful dish cloth is reusable as you can wash it together with your normal washing.

Material: virgin/organic Cotton

Usage: For cleaning the counter tops and your dishes in the kitchen

Size: 19x21 cm (give or take)

Colors: light mint green, blueish grey, natural (with olive green border or grey)

Eco-friendly, biodegradable and even compostable.