Cocoa Tea - Bags

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CocoaTea is currently packaged in two formats, in tea bags and as a loose husk tea.

The Tea

The tea itself is a rich, smooth and hearty hot beverage that smells delightfully of fresh chocolate. Recommended brewing time is 4 to 6 minutes, and unlike more conventional tea’s, CocoaTea’s flavour is not spoilt if left brewing for longer.

After brewing, there is usually a fine slick on top of the tea, which is the reminisce of cocoa butter. At the bottom of the cup/mug there is often also tea dust, which is safe to consume, should that be preferred.

Due to the dry roasting process that the husk undergoes, once submerged in hot water it absorbs some water and swells slightly in the tea bag or strainer.

Once brewed, the tea has 0 calories and shows traces of caffeine, similar to common green tea, which is common place in products containing chocolate or chocolate biproducts.

Also, common place in products containing chocolate or chocolate biproducts is Theobromine, which acts as a happiness trigger to the brain, similar to the effects of eating quality chocolate, and so this trigger is also present in CocoaTea.

Packaging Details

Regarding the packaging, CocoaTea is packaged from locally (Cape Town) manufactured and recycled cardboard tubes and all the printed materials are printed on recycled paper.

The tea itself is contained in foil for freshness, which is also recyclable. The tea bags are made from Bio-web, a corn-starch-based material which is 100% biodegradable (unlike conventional tea bags which contain micro plastics in the form of misted PET to seal the tea bags).

Future expansion plans for CocoaTea is the development of additional flavours (Eg: Mint, Cinnamon and Vanilla), as well as the ability to purchase tea bags and loose husk in refill packs.

Loose Husk Tea is sold in containers of 150grams each, which would equate to 25 servings of 6grams each (two heaped teaspoons), while the tea bags are sold in units of 20 tea bags each.


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