Azure Yoga Mat

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Azure Yoga Mat is inspired by the ocean, symbolizing the soul and the subconscious. Ocean currents embody wisdom and fantasy, reflecting the state of emotions experienced. Becoming one with the ocean represents becoming one with nature and with oneself.

"The sun and ocean are as nothing besides what you are."


- Extra Length: 183cm x 61cm
- Added Thickness: 4mm (ensures comfort)
- Durable Weight: 2.8kg (heavier than the average yoga mat, although more durable)
- Eco-friendly Materials: 100% natural tree rubber and microfiber surface
- Toxin Free: free from phthalate, silicone and unpleasant odor
- Non-toxic Printing: solvent-free water-based ink.

Includes: complimentary carry strap

Use And Care

- To Practice: at the beginning of your workout, spray your mat with water to increase traction.
- To Clean: Wipe down your mat with cold water and a clean towel. Hang to dry. Machine-washing or tumble-drying is not recommended
- To Store: Do not leave the mat exposed to direct sunlight. If wet, allow the mat to dry by hanging it before rolling up.