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Allure Yoga Mat

Regular price R 990.00

Allure Yoga Mat is inspired by Turquoise - an effective healer stone that provides protection, grounding, strength, courage, love and luck. Available in South Africa today!


- Extra Length: 183cm x 61cm
- Added Thickness: 4mm (ensures comfort)
- Durable Weight: 2.8kg (heavier than the average yoga mat, although more durable)
- Eco-friendly Materials: 100% natural tree rubber and microfiber surface
- Toxin Free: free from phthalate, silicone and unpleasant odour
- Non-toxic Printing: solvent-free water-based ink.

Includes: complimentary carry strap

Use And Care

- To Practice: at the beginning of your workout, spray your mat with water to increase traction.
- To Clean: Wipe down your mat with cold water and a clean towel. Hang to dry. Machine-washing or tumble-drying is not recommended
- To Store: Do not leave the mat exposed to direct sunlight. If wet, allow the mat to dry by hanging it before rolling up.