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Prime 1 Adaptogen

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Prime 1 Adaptogen

Dr Brekhman’s formula, the ultimate combination of adaptogens — helps bring the body up to its optimum level of well-being to protect itself from the adverse effects of stress.

Stress not only steals vitality, health, and energy — stress undermines performance. Prime 1 works to improve the function of every cell in the body, all at the same time. The body — better able to cope with stress — can perform on a higher plane.

Prime 1 is a liquid herbal food supplement taken daily. It provides the body with what it needs to protect, Balance and normalize its systems to enhance overall health and well-being. It provides the foundation you need to break through to new levels of performance.

All Prime Quest products are natural, hypo-allergenic, and contain no drugs or banned substances. All ingredients have been recognized and accepted for use in food products, and all products are manufactured under strict quality standards.


- More energy and stamina
- Superior performance levels
- Faster recovery
- Increased strength
- Better focus and concentration
- Less muscle breakdown
- Better sleep
- Improved immune resistance
- Better attitude toward stress
- Better motivation
- Better ability to cope with changes in time zones, altitudes, and climates

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