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1701 Nougat

Regular price R 100.00

Born of the desire to create an experience of refined and exquisite taste. 1701 Nougat is the coming together of culinary excellence, bespoke gifting curation and also an appreciation for the finer things. 

1701 is about more than just the Honey Nougat they create or the Gift Collections they curate. By applying the personal touch of a family-run business, it is a brand that aligns as well as enhances lifestyles. Through meticulous attention to detail, coupled with a hunger for experimental solutions, this is the perfect complement to the finer moments in life.

Product Description: 

With fine attention to detail and unwavering respect to the original recipe, developed in Montelimar, France in 1701, we handcraft our 1701 Honey Nougat, taking pride in the process and using nothing but the finest natural, preservative-free ingredients available.

1701 Honey Nougat is an experience like no other.